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Independent Software Consultants

This site has not been maintained or updated in ages. We leave it out here because sometimes people like to read the old reviews.  Being non-profit we couldn't afford to keep it up, sorry about that.  I am trying to make time to remove the old links that no no longer work.  We use different website editing software now and we don't care much for the software this old site was made with. made up of a group of consumers who spend their own money to buy the products they use and test. We do not accept any money for testing software and giving our honest opinion about software packages.

I.S.C. will display software reviews for a number of different types of software.

This is the site of a new software and product review area on the internet.

Do you sometimes feel the large software companies are getting the best of you with their fancy product packages and hype designed to sell products that may not be worth what you must spend to buy them?

Do you feel you are sometimes left in the dark, out in the cold, when you have problems with a software product and the company who produced the software will not give you the support you need?

When you ask product support questions not answered on the box about a software package and can't get a straight answer, do you wish you had some place to turn to find out about a software package before you buy?

Do you read software reviews about software you are interested in and then buy the product only to be left with the impression that the software review company must have been paid under the table to say good things about junk software?

Do you feel it is about time the consumers had a voice and support from other consumers who feel as they do about these problems?

Do you feel it is about time the large software and hardware manufacturers listened to what their consumers had to say for a change?

If so, then this site is for you.
 We are making updates to the web site as fast as we can.  We hope you enjoy the new site and find it useful.

(To help get you where you want to be a little bit faster.)
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America On Line Has Gone SOUTH!
Yes they have.  Poor software and lack of support may top the list.  Junk mailers and overcrowding are among the problems of this giant on line service.  AOLNet might as well not even exist in some cities because of the overcrowding that prevents people from being able to get on line. 

What can we do about Junk Mail?
Also see C/NET

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You will find a few extra short reviews in this section. Personal views & reviews of Bryon Smith.  Plus New Profile Page for 
Bryon Smith 
Game Companies Who Do They Think They Are? Game Company Review! 
We want to hear from you. 

Have you had a bad experience with a software or hardware package? 

Have you had a bad experience with a computer software or hardware corporation? 

Would you like to be able to warn other people not to fall into the same situation? 

Do you have any software you would like to recommend to someone else? 

If so, we would like to hear from you! 

If, on the other hand, you are an intellectual property manufacturer and all of the above sounds like the ranting of someone who has been promised the world and, on more than one occasion, received something that should have been a shareware test product and would be seriously interested in not having this happen to you, we would love to hear from you as well! 
All of the reviews found on the following pages are the opinions of people with serious experience playing games and working with computer systems,  who know what they like and don't like about them. There is valuable information within.. 
This entire web site is getting another well needed face lift. The news page will then contain the information that usually ends up here. The old news page will be the "facts.html" that is now updated and can be accessed from here.  If you have some ideas what you would like to see please send them to us. 
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Hope you enjoy the old reviews.

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