Smith Family Vacation 1999

Finds the Smith family on an adventure to Earth from deep space to a place on Earth called Branson, MO.

Smith Family Does Branson, MO 2000 

(The 4 Seasons of Branson & Silver Dollar City)

This is a GIF animation of the title segment for our 1999 Branson vacation video.

The files are large even in GIF format. To see one of the flying saucer animations click HERE.

 We also have a new Studio Web Cam page so you can watch the girls working on their productions.  See the girls inside their spaceship as they host the Smith Family Vacation for 1999.

This new Smith Family Vacation video will be the most fun and most impressive yet.  We are going to great lengths to be sure we have something for everyone in this video.  Yes, we have literally exhausted the production fund on this one and it's a show you won't want to miss.

The Girls are "aliens" who come in from "deep space" to the Planet Earth on a vacation adventure.  The tape starts off with the animated text you see above.  The flying saucer is computer generated and can be observed by clicking HERE.  That's not the extent of the action that's only the start of the fun.  It's not nearly as impressive alone (as it is) but when you see it combined with the antics of Laura and Kristy it's entertainment.

Our young "alien" girls are on an adventure and they will show segments of their past adventures on the view screen inside the space ship.  They will also be playing a game with the viewing audience during the entire show.  It's a kind of movie trivia game and though out the show at different times they will use a line from a movie.  They will not tell you when they do this so you must watch close.  When you think they have said a line from a movie write it down and try to guess what movie that line is from.  At the end of their show they will read a list of those lines and name the movies the lines were taken from.

As we work on the production I'll update this page or area on here every so often so check back every now and then to see what's new here.

As with all of their videos of this kind they are made for fiends and family but anyone who wants one can send a donation to the girl's production fund and you can get a copy of their videos.  They all ready have a fair collection of them and one day soon I hope to have an on line catalogue of these productions.  Write me for more information.