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Since 1997 we have been making a 2 hour video of our vacations using the most interesting and exciting things on our video tapes.  The shows are hosted by our daughters Laura and Kristy.  This year we are doing something a little bit different.  We are making a single video tape that might very well be called the 4 seasons of Branson & Silver Dollar city.  We intend to make 4 trips to Branson total and of course Silver Dollar City is the focus of the trips.
This is our year to do Branson, MO in style.  Yes we bought season tickets for Silver Dollar City and we have made our second trip to Branson this year.  This time Nickelodeon's "Road Show" was there and guess who got to be on the game ?
Yes that little girl speaking into the microphone is our daughter Kristy.  So who are those people with her ?  Why it's her "adopted" family of course.

The two adults in the picture wanted to try out for the game but they were not married and had no children.  One of the people working at the game told them all they needed was two children.  Kristy and a boy jumped in there with hands held high and joined them.  Out of all the families who applied only two would be selected for the game and Kristy's team was chosen as the blue team.

Not only were they selected they won the game hands down without giving a single point to the red team.

Kristy was elected the spokesperson for the entire team and as such she answered all the questions for the team.  Here you can see her answering one of the questions.

One question they could not answer was dared over to the red team.  The red team had no clue what the answer was and double dared the blue team back again.  The blue team then accepted a physical challenge.  Here you see Kristy and her new friend holding rubber chickens.  They were required to dunk the rubber chicken in "Doctor Pepper" then dunk it in some feathers then throw it to their team-mate...
Here you see Kristy's team mate Jordan who had to catch the rubber chickens and stuff them into the cage he is wearing on his head.

They had to catch and place 5 rubber chickens into those cages in 30 seconds. They accomplished this with 4 seconds left on the clock.

Kristy throwing a chicken here in this picture.
At the end of the game the winners compete for the prizes and the grand prize. 

Here is Kristy going through the slime pipes.  It was really slick in there with all that slime but she has a huge smile on her face.

On the actual Double Dare 2000 show they use a crank on the end to crank the kidsquisher but here they grabbed Kristy's hands and just pulled her through.


What's that you ask ?  Anyone who has seen Double Dare 2000 on Nickelodeon knows exactly what this thing is.  It's the Nick Blimp, and it contains 10 gallon of green slime to be dumped on the lucky winner's heads.
Like this...
And this...
Oh my, there's something in my shirt !
OH, that's where I put them !

Yes they stick those slimy flags inside their shirts as they run and beings as Kristy was the last one with the flags she had them all at the end of the game.  She also has a brand new slime stained Double Dare 2000 shirt as a keepsake from the event.

Jordan gives the thumbs up, mission accomplished.  They won the game they won the grand prize and that was a lunch cruse on the Show Boat Branson Bell.  I'll try to get a page up for that as well.

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