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Renewed  7-4-2003  Updated 8-12-2003

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I'm working on it a little at a time as I get time.  To much to do, so little time.

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"The Adventures of Megan Martin."

The novel series loved by all who read it.  Sometimes compared with the Harry Potter series, readers frequently say "I like it as well as Harry Potter" while others say "I like it better than Harry Potter."  Fact is readers love this novel series.  One of our readers, a senior in high school said...

"I just got The Medallion Mystery yesterday and I'm on chapter 14 all ready. I can't put it down! If I keep going like this I'll finish it by tomorrow.  I'm telling everyone about it!"

Teachers across the country are recommending this novel series for the Accelerated Reader's List.  Find out what it's all about by clicking on the graphic to the left.


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Update 8-12-2003

Our last book signing was at T.Charlston Books in the Grand Village in the Branson, MO area.  It was the best yet!  They invited us back for Thanksgiving weekend to have another book signing.  Please check info on the novel website by clicking on the novel cover above.

We are also thrilled that someone in PR at Barns and Noble in Fayetteville, AR has recognized the potential of "The Adventures of Megan Martin" series.  She called us and invited us for a book signing and teacher event September 18th from 4-7pm.  God willing we will be there.

Update 7-3-2003

Sometimes things around here are down right insane!  I've had 4 or 5 "Smith Family Websites" so far because we moved from IPA for starters then I got some new website software called "WebStudio" and used it to build a fine family website. Then thanks to a hard drive failing I lost all the control files Web Studio used to make the websites with.  To complicate things during that time I had a new computer built and installed Windows XP.  When I went to reinstall Web Studio I learned it was not compatible with windows XP.  When I went to get a new Web Studio I learned that another website software company had bought it out because they liked the powerful click and drag features.  They rewrote the software and started charging $1000 for it.  A bit out of my budget range for software to build websites with.  That left us returning to Microsoft Front Page 2002.  It works all right as long as we don't try to use the "real Front Page" web building mode.  When we turn that feature on Front Page begins changing webpage components until the websites no longer work.  So here we are, returning to the original Smith Family Website area and rebuilding it with Front Page 2002.

Some of the links are not going to work right but if you find one that doesn't feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know about it.  Remember to remove the ".removethis" at the end of the address or it will not work.  Junk mailers who harvest e-mail addresses from webpages have forced me to do this to fool their software to keep me off their mailing lists.  I hear people complain about having 50% junk mail when they check their mail.  I get right at 95%-98% junk mail all the time.  We left to the Moore family reunion and returned to find I had about 225 messages.  Right at 215 of them were junk mail. I got the new Mail Washer Pro and at the click of a button I can bounce the junk mail right back at them without ever needing to download their stupid junk mails.  I can tell at a glace what mail is junk mail.  None of their ad's or graphics are displayed.  The messages are checked against two different blacklists of known junk mailers.  It marks those blacklisted messages to be bounced and removed from my mail servers.  It can check A LOT of accounts at the very same time.  Mine is checking 12 accounts every 10 minutes.

Below, a work in progress is the start of the REnewed Smith Family Website.  There's a lot more on there now and it is looking GREAT.  Go have a preview of our new family website. Kristy's new prototype website is also on line, check it out.  Click on her picture below or use the links on our new family website.  Tell us what you think.  Hope you enjoy.


A lot of those things listed on this page are old stuff now.  The girls were children when I put these pictures on here and now they are young ladies.  Laura is "Megan Martin" and Kristy is "Brianna" on the covers of "The Adventures of Megan Martin" novels.  We also have new adventure pages for you to view, providing you know where to look to find them.  Some of them are in the Adventures of Megan Martin area and some of them are in the family area.  I intend to set up an adventures menu that will make it easy to get to all the adventures pages.  For right now use the links below.

The studio camera is turned off now for two reasons.  I didn't really like the old software and the studio isn't nearly as active as it had been when the girls were younger and we were more involved with our Smith Family videos.  We are currently editing the Moore Family reunion but that does not require the girls to do anything in front of a camera.  In the event I can find some good software I may occasionally put the studio camera back on line now and then when something of interest happens.  Eventually I hope to get back to work on "Spooky Places" and in the event we shoot any of the hosting in our own studio here I would like to put that on line for our visitors.

Very busy right now to.  I hope to get the Graceland page up with pictures in our adventures area of this website for you to see.  We are SCUBA diving today getting equipment ready for some open water diving.  Laura and Kristy are signed up for SCUBA classes this July.  We intend to take them coral reef diving off the Florida Keys next summer. 

Elvis is still at Graceland (NEW! 7-3-2003)

Joe Wheeler State Park 2003

A Work In Progress

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There is a lot to do and we will get it done little by little as we get time.
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