Laura and Kristy visit Elvis's Graceland!

That's us standing in front of Elvis's Graceland Mansion!

Here we are as we enter the Graceland mansion!  We have our headphones on so we can listen to the story about the mansion.
This is the dining room.  I couldn't even imagine eating in a dining room this nice.
Elvis had very humble beginnings.  That's little Elvis there between his mom and dad.  This picture hangs inside the mansion.
This is a painting of Elvis that resides in one of the historical buildings on the mansion grounds.

Girls screamed and fainted upon seeing Elvis.  Has any man in history had this profound effect on the female of the species?

Even to this day women sigh at the sight of his pictures and his music still has a powerful effect upon those who hear it.  It has been said that anyone who doesn't love Elvis's songs has something wrong with them.

You're still drawing a crowd, Elvis!  God speed!

This is Elvis's famous gold suit!  He had a lot of fancy clothes but this may be the most famous of them all.

This was taken inside what was once Elvis's racketball room.  After Elvis died they turned this building into a display room for even more of Elvis's clothes and trophies.  Some of these clothes were so fancy it would take someone with millions of dollars to be brave enough to wear them in public.

Elvis had a building just for his business dealings, media work, and paper work.  We saw it here.  This building is behind the Mansion so you can't see it from the front of the building.  There are several other buildings that are hidden behind the mansion.
Just think, years ago the King of Rock and Roll sat in one of these chairs at one of these desks and Took Care of Business.

This sign just about says it all.  The mansion isn't big enough to hold all of Elvis's trophies.  They are scattered among the buildings on the grounds, behind the mansion and across the highway.  What highway you ask?  Elvis Presley Blvd. of course.  This sign hangs on the wall inside his automobile museum.  I know this picture belongs in the page for his auto museum but I couldn't help it.  I just had to use it to intro the next set of pictures.

These are some of Elvis's gold records. They are in the trophy building like the ones in the picture below.  That building is wall to wall and ceiling to floor filled with gold records, trophies and newspaper clippings.

The pictures below are on the walls of the racketball court.  As you can see also wall to wall and ceiling to floor filled with Elvis's awards.

We were forced to use our old Kodak digital camera set at 1.2 megapixels and no flash to take these pictures because our other camera is able to shoot Apple Quick Time video.  Pictures would have been better with the new 5 megapixel camera but there wasn't much we could do about it. We left the good camera and then saw others in the tour group with cameras we know were similar to the one we left behind yet they got away with it.

Elvis's swimming pool at the south side of the mansion.

Elvis had horses.  Here in this picture you can get some idea that Elvis's mansion "Graceland" had a huge back yard!

Behind us you can see a fountain and beyond that you can see the memorial to Elvis and his family.  This is where they are buried.

This was where Elvis came to pray and meditate in his Meditation Garden.  It is located right beside the fountain and memorial you see behind us in the picture above.

This is a picture of Elvis's grave.

God knows we miss you Elvis.

They say this is Elvis's favorite car.  It's located on the West side of the highway in the car museum.  Eventually I hope to put up a page with a few pictures of some of his cars and motorcycles.  For now, things to do, got to run.  I hope you enjoyed this webpage.