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This is an old Christmas page that is being kept here until I can update it with a new page.

It's a picture page with Christmas music.
We hope you enjoy it.

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"Hello Matthew !

This shot was taken in the studio early, and I mean EARLY on Christmas morning.  Mom and I were awakened from a long Winter nap by the sound of rustling of papers and children talking.  "It's Christmas Kids" mother said.

    All the video we shot of Christmas was done right here so there really isn't much else to show about it.  Laura got a new Yamaha keyboard with more features than any of us know how to use and Kristy got a brand new TV/VCR combo with more features than any of us know how to use.  Of course they got other things as you can see from the picture.  The keyboard is behind Laura in this shot and the TV is off the picture to the right.

    They got some new games, some for the computer and some board games.  Dawn got some puzzles and things.  She likes 3D puzzles so I got her a grandfather clock puzzle and a 3D computer puzzle of the same kind for her to build in the computer.

    I got a much needed beard trimmer.  :-)  And a few other things.  Of course my family is the best gift I could ever imagin.  Watching them light up on Christmas is the most wonderful thing I can think of.

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