Rainbow Studio Camera HELP

As yet we do not have an applet that forces a web browser to renew and refresh the page data.
(Problem)  So you know we are on line and updating the picture every 5 min but you always get the same picture even after you hit the "refresh" button ?

(Answer)  Netscape is the very worst about not updating the pictures even when you hit the "refresh" button, but even IE can give a similar problem.  The solution to the problem is simple.  Both browsers have settings that tell them to look for a newer file each time they check a website for content, but you must turn this feature on.  With Netscape you open the Edit window at the bottom select Preferences.  From there select Advanced and then Cache.  Document in cache is compared to document on network... Set this setting to "every time" and try viewing the Studio Camera page again. 

I.E.  Click on Tools, then Internet Options.  In "General" under Temporary Internet Files select Settings.  Check for newer versions every visit to the page.  Then view the page again. 

In each case you will need to hit the "refresh" button at least once while viewing the page.  Each time the picture updates on the page you will again be required to hit the "refresh" button on your browser in order to view the new pictures.  If I can find an applet that will do this for you this is how things work here at this time.

(Q)  There's no date and time stamp on the picture, why ?

(A)  That's because the studio camera is not live and has been off line for a few days.  The picture you see in its place is from data files.  We change the picture every so often in order to have something of interest to display during these down times.  It is better than running a "live" picture of an empty studio or set, and I personally think it is better than having a "live" shot of me working in the control room.  :-)

(Q)  I saw a cute little squirrel in one of the pictures when I logged on, but it is gone now.  Where can I see more pictures and learn more about the squirrel ?

(A)  His name is August and he has his own website on our IPA site.  He is also featured on our calendar pages at...  http://www.dream-link.org/family/calendar/index.htm  You will find a link to the calendar pages at the top of either ..family/index.htm  page from the home page on this site.

(Q)  Who are those girls I see on your studio camera page ?

(A)  That is most likely Laura and Kristy, my daughters, but sometimes their friends may be working with them in the studio.  They also have their own websites that can be accessed from our family home page here.  Just click on their "waving" picture.

(Q)  Who is that big ugly guy I see on there sometimes ?

(A)  Most likely it's me working in the studio, but might be one of my helpers from time to time.

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