by Bryon Smith
There was a time when I knew you in another place, a place of Light and Life, a place without time when we danced upon the stars and had not a care.  We were creatures of Light there and we and the Light were one and we moved freely across planes and dimensions and across galaxies in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.  Our thought and our will were our very being and our understanding was perfect without hindering words to confuse or mislead us.
I remember one place when we came upon a great nebula and as we looked upon its swirling figure and saw the great fingerprint of The Almighty Lord of Light we knew that at a place we had not yet seen that we, you and I, would set foot upon the ground of a chosen world and there we should be bound for a time and taste of sorrow and joy.  In that place we are tested as if by fire and from the molten core of our beings I see a great transformation and separation that is taking place, and upon the surface of that molten swirling mass which is our being I see as if it were tiny specks of Light which look like stars and call out to Heaven to the source of their very creation, and as I watch even more tiny specks of Light come forth from the depths and join with those who have found their way to the surface and they sing a song that no other can sing and I remember that time when you and I looked upon that great nebula, the beginning of worlds and stars, the beginning of a great creation and at that moment I saw myself as one of those tiny lights and I saw within myself the Finger Print of God…….
……..Bryon Smith