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Bryon Smith has been researching dreams since he was a teenager.  He established the first the original Dream-Link on a computerized BBS before the Internet was established.  Now the Dream-Link is here and the dream research is still being conducted.
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The history of dreams and people being lead by their dreams dates back as far as the oldest historical records.  The bible has thousands of references to God speaking with people through their dreams.

Our subconscious is filled with a personal dream dictionary and while some symbols are easy to understand others can be quite illusive.

Numbers 12:6 tells us with God speaking that God uses visions to make Himself known to one of His prophets and He normally speaks with them in dreams.

God doesn't want His prophets delivering bad messages to the people.  This is why a good understanding and gift of understanding dreams and dream symbols is very important.

God's angels sent me back to this life after being dead twice where I spoke with them.  They sent me back so I could tell God's messages to the people.  They sent me back to teach the teachers and leaders who will preach God's word to the people in the last days before the second coming.  I meet these very special people frequently in E-mail and sometimes in person.  You don't work in this business without meeting the wanna-bs along with the real jewels of God.

Frequently I run into people who may have heard a word from God or received a message from God.  Some of those people understand dream symbols just like I do while others just can't get right no matter how hard they try. 

A person who claims that God speaks to them and gives them important messages and understanding should have a good understanding of dreams and the dream language.  If they don't then odds are very high they are deceived.  If God sends them a message in a dream what are the odds they will understand it well enough to help anyone? 

A prophet of God must first be able to understand the messages with a fair degree of accuracy before God would trust them to council others.

When someone tells me they have read one of my novels I'll usually test them by asking them a question that only someone who had read the novel would know.

When people come to me telling me that God speaks to them I will frequently test them on their knowledge of dream symbols.  If they know the correct meaning of certain symbols then I know it is highly possible they are telling the truth.

Truth is there are a lot of people out here in the world who say God sent them when God didn't send them
.  I don't want anyone to be deceived, not them and not the people they talk with about God's business.  If they can't get it right they need to know they are wrong.  They need to get back with God and pray and get humbled and get it right then try again.  In the days of the Bible prophets were sometimes put to death by God for disobeying His commands.  One prophet was eaten by a lion for not following God's instructions.  Jonah was swallowed by a big fish for not following God's orders.  Today God is more forgiving but still brings wrath on His people who don't get it right.  Likewise good things come to those prophets who do get it right.  Remember the story of Joseph who had the coat of many colors.  His gift was the understanding of dreams.  His brothers were so jealous of him they intended to kill him but instead sold him into slavery.  He ended up being the second most powerful man in Egypt next to the Pharaoh during the time of the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza he protected the Hycsos, his relatives who lived in the city of Avaris.

Some dream symbols that are used in the Bible come with explanations and interpretations like the symbol of the horse for example.  Yet I have people come to me claming they hear from God who don't know the meaning of the symbol of the horse.  I've even given dreams that were messages to me from God about certain people that were perfectly basic and very easy to understand yet I've had people who claimed to know and talk with God who found those simple dreams either absurd or abstract thinking God must have been joking when He sent that message.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Jesus spoke in parables for the same reasons He sends us dream messages using symbols.  He was giving us the basic understanding of dream symbols.  This He gave to his friends and followers but not to the religious leaders of his day who thought they knew what God was saying when they don't.

Dreams frequently refer to people as various kinds of animals while seeing people in dreams doesn't always mean the dream is speaking as that dream symbol being a person.  It may be but then again it may represent something else.

God gave us the meaning of clean and unclean in dream symbols through the laws given to Moses and through his parables.  He said "You can wash a pig but the pig will always return to their wallow."  Meaning you can clean them up but they will go get dirty again and there's nothing you can do about it.

He said "Cast not your pearls before the swine/pigs because they will trample your pearls into the mud and then attack you."  What was he trying to teach us?  He was saying some people are pigs.  They are unclean.  If you take them to church and clean them up they will go right back out to their wallow and get back into the muck.  He's saying when you give a person who is like a pig your truths which are valuable like pearls they will tramp them into their mud and attack you for trying to do a good thing for them.

When a prophet dreams of pigs they can know that God is telling them of an unclean person.
Last night God sent me a dream about someone who He refers to as a pig.  Examples page six.

Jesus also spoke of the dogs and people like dogs.
Dogs have an animal nature and so do people.  The Indians speak of having an "animal" spirit so even the Indians knew of these symbols even though many years ago they had never heard of Jesus.  They knew of the Great Spirit though and of angels and demons.  I had a dream from God last night about a person who is like a dog.  Examples page six.

A day or two before that I saw another person represented to me as a round fat little dog with a very tiny head.  Two women were fighting over the dog and one woman took the dog from the other and was throwing it over the fence.  I took the dog away from that woman and was returning it to the first woman when the dog with the tiny head tried to bite my right ear.  Then I realized the woman throwing the dog over the fence was giving the person represented by that dog symbol away.  She was getting rid of it because that person is unclean and not good.

Sometimes by giving a person over to the devil they can find humility usually when they hit the bottom.
  Sometimes they begin to see and understand truth when they have no pride left to blind them.  I gave this person back to the second woman who was throwing it over the fence.  Since I had this dog in my arms I know it was someone who I was trying to help.  It was someone I was talking with about spiritual things.  It was someone who refused to listen to me or God and God was giving it up.  You could call these two women churches or ways of thinking.  These could be two theologies.  This dream is at or near the bottom of examples page five.

God sends me dreams referring to people as dogs and pigs all the time because the world is filled with people who are like them.

Jesus also refers to people as fish.  "I will make you fishers of men."  And so He sends me dreams sometimes showing different kinds of fish.  The fish represent the various kinds of people in the world.  There are clean and unclean fish just as there are clean and unclean animals.  Fish with skin are considered unclean and the various kinds of fish have natures that coincide with the personalities of those people being referred to.  Ever heard of someone who was described as a shark?  Well a shark has skin and generally has teeth for tearing off the flesh.  Sharks are unclean.  Sharks are generally dangerous.

This little bit of text on this page just means I've not forgotten about it.  I intend to return and finish this site.