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Dipwad Dundy Cartoon


What's New on Dipwad Dundy's website you ask ?

Why it's the new page that tells the origin of Doug "Dipwad" Dundy of course.

And now a brand new Poem posted on Author's Den.  Check it out.

Something else that's new is that I have given all of these cartoons a new face-lift. I have fixed them up for commercial use and we are now putting them on "T" shirts, mouse pads, and tote bags using high quality heat transfers.

This is the new home of Dipwad Dundy Cartoons.

Dipwad Dundy is an original creation of Bryon Smith of Rainbow Productions 1990-1991-2000 all rights reserved.  (Other original creation copyrights pre-date this cartoon and were first seen on the Rainbow networked BBS in the 1980's.)

These cartoons are sold on "T" shirts mouse pads & tote-bags.  For more information contact me.  Bryon Smith.

4-24-2000: The older cartoons have been replaced with the new updated versions.  Very view of the old style are still on hot transfer paper for those who are interested in collecting these cartoons.  Please contact me for more info if you are interested in the older original styles.

Dipwad Dundy Cartoons

Bryon Smith

More to come.  Let me know if you enjoy the cartoons.

Dipwad Dundy Cartoons are copyright 1987-1991-1999,2000 by Bryon Smith

e are having political correctness, concepts of a world wide religion without God, and pagan witchcraft shoved at them on TV, in movies and novels.  It's about time we had a choice.  And now you do.

We also have a new on line store. You can buy your autographed novels from the author right here on this website!  See the link below the cover graphic on the left!

Next Book Signing Info!

September 18th from 4-7pm
Barnes and Noble Store #2721
4144 North College, Ave
Fayetteville, AR
November 28 29th 10am-12pm (We think)
Charleston Book Store 417 336 7233
The Grand Village: 1 800 475 9370
Location: 2800 W Hwy 76, Branson, MO
(Last book signing there was the best we've ever had!)

Will be posted here!


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Pictures of events can now be seen on our adventures webpage.

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