Comanche 4 Missions

By Bryon Smith

Update On 11/2/2004

It is sad to say that I believe the day of the real good simulation games is over.  I've not seen a game company produce what I would call a good game in more than 3 years now.  They are all into stupid first person shooter games or those "kill everyone you see on the streets of LA" games!  I can't even set through one of their commercials and certainly wouldn't have any interest in their games.

It's difficult to even get a message to the people who are in charge of saying what games their developers create let alone to get them to listen to us.  As long as the multitudes are willing to spend their money on stupid first person shooter games that's what the game developers are hearing.  Money talks!  And when you or anyone buys these stupid games it tells the game developers that's what the gaming world wants.  Well it's not what I want and I'm not alone but I am in a minority group.  I prefer more sophisticated war games.  I prefer simulation games like jet fighters, submarines, tanks, and helicopter battle games.  I like to be in the cockpit and fighting my way though enemy lines or defending the base or some high priority object or vehicle.  I love multiplayer games that allow the players to choose what side they want to be on.  I don't care for those "let's kill each other games" that offers the players no options.  If you want to be the enemy then fine go defend the base along with your computer generated army.  Novalogic allows us to do that!  I love to build missions as much as play them, even more so.  I enjoy spending hours working the bugs out of one of my missions to make it as good as it can be.  In some of my multi-player missions like Enemy Base MP you can choose to fight on the enemy side against other players.  Under those conditions it's fun to shoot at each other.

The two games that Novalogic created that are worthy are the Comanche and the Armored Fist series.  Their F-22 stunk to high heaven.  I would say so because they didn't really consult anyone who could tell them how the game should work.  They do not understand real flight aerodynamics.  They do not understand that in order to identify friend or enemy you must select them to see their ident from the transponder.  But the moment you do your own pilots will designate you as the enemy and attack you.  leaving you no recourse but to kill your own people and shoot down your own team.  And that's not realistic and it's stupid but they did it just the same.

I've sent messages to the computer game developers telling them what I want to see in a game.  Telling them I've not bought a new game in over 3 years now because not one of the games they have made are worthy of my money or my time.  They don't listen, they don't care, because they are making tons of money creating stupid first person shooter games and adventure games that are real similar to those first person shooter games that I don't like.

Jane's is gone now.  They made the very best flight and battle simulation games, literally by the book.  Those of us who knew quality in battle simulation games are missing them very much now.  The day and age of the really good computer simulation games has come to an end.

Perhaps if more people would send them messages and let them know we want real battle simulations like Janes produced and even like NovaLogic's Comanche 4 and Armored Fist they would listen to us.


I've made some changes to the Enemy Base Missions.  I need to make more changes, I've been making those changes, but the latest ZIP of those are here for download now.

Occasionally, as I take time I'm making improvements on the Enemy Base Missions. I'm fixing some things that were not calculating scores correctly.  I was wondering why we had so many "friendly" casualties after finishing an Enemy Base mission.  I discovered the fence around the enemy base was considered a neutral. Every time one of them got shot it was considered a friendly casualty.

The goals were not set for the Enemy Base mission either but for the single player mission I've fixed that but have not yet packed them up to put them out here.  When they are all ready I will upload them for you.  There's also a new version of the Enemy Base single player mission.  It's all ready in the ZIP file here for you to download, it's playable but it's not fully corrected yet.

The Water World missions I promised are being completed and will be added to this download page just as soon as they are ready. There will be 4 separate missions instead of 3.  Mission 3 is the one were you escort the sub to a friendly base while under a hail of rocket and gunfire from an angry terrorist group.  I've not completed that mission yet but mission 1,2 and 4 are out there for you to enjoy.  Like the Enemy Base missions they are smart missions.  The enemy will hide from you and come out under certain conditions depending on what you do.


Missions now on line!

"Snow Base"

"Scud Hunter!"

"Water World"

"River World" (soon to come)

The enemy is moving in troops, armor and air-support on the far side of the river.  Do a recon mission without the convoy at WP4 or their support Hind seeing you.  Defend your Delta team on that mission and protect your base.  Look out for an ambush, the enemy is hiding all around your path, and you can and must remove those that are a threat to your mission.  Think it sounds easy?  :-)  Try being in two places at once.  Beta testers of this mission have tried for hours to beat it and got up screaming!  "I'll have to come back and try again."  And then more improvements were made to the missions.  By the time I win the single and multiple player versions of this first mission I know I have eared it.  And there will be a second mission that is a full scale invasion against you and your base.  (Will come in single and multiplayer coop versions.)



The following is a collection of single player and multiplayer missions I made to share with those who have NovaLogic's Comanche 4 game who would like to have some extra missions for it.  They are free to download and use.  Feel free to send your comments about the missions or the game.  I hope you enjoy them.  Just remember that while these are tested and work very well on two of our computers we accept no responsibility for how they work on your computer.  You accept the sole responsibility for the use of these missions on your computer.

If the files are available the links to them will work.  Some may be described that are not yet ready for public download and use.

Click on the link, download the file, save it to disk, open it up and move the files to your Comanche4 directory.  Run Comanche 4, in single player missions go to mission archives and look for the mission names.  In multiplayer missions it's the same thing.  For Enemy Base you will find "E Base MP" in CoOp missions.  You can play this mission with family and friends on the Blue Team against the Red enemy units in the mission.  I also have a Team Death Match mission of Enemy Base where someone can join the Red Team and who ever is on the Blue team can try their best to get close enough to shoot the tower down.  It's loads of fun and really challenging.  It is also fun for the people on the Red Team's side to watch as the Red team vehicles take their places to defend their base.

NOTE: Sometimes the Comanche4 will not see the missions especially in Multiplayer mode.  For example if you have been playing Team Death Match and want to play a CoOp mission you have just installed when you switch to Multiplayer mode and switch to CoOp mode it may not see new missions that you just put in there.  To get around this open up one of the other CoOp missions and when it starts just cancle out of it and go look in the mission menu again and you should find the new missions there now.

Building missions for Comanche 4 is a time consuming very challenging project in itself.  Each mission requires days of work and testing over and over again to be sure everything works and to see how I can make it better.  The only pay I get is the thanks I receive from the people who download and play the missions.  So if you like them please send me a message and tell me about it.  If you don't like them just don't use them anymore and don't bother to tell me.

First I build missions in single player mode and test them over and over making changes as I work.  Once I am happy with the mission in single player mode I modify it and change the name so that it can be used in multiplayer mode, and then Kristy and my friends and I test them over and over again and I make changes to make them as challenging as I can before I call them finished and put them out here for others to play.

If you download these missions, play them and like them we would love to hear from you.  Please tell your friends where they can get these missions.  If you have friends who like to read sci-fi adventure, mystery please tell them about my novel series "The Adventures of Megan Martin."


Enemy Base

You will swear the enemy has radios and are calling for help by the time you win this mission!

These missions now include the mission builder files so you can study them, changed them and have fun with them.  But if you change them and put them out for download I ask you leave something in the mission file that says "based on missions by Bryon Smith" and leave this URL in the mission file somewhere so others can find it.

10-6-2004: More improvements have been made to these missions but they are not yet on line because I intend to make even more improvements to them.  There are several variations to this family of missions.  In the basic mission you must destroy the communications towers.  So far everyone who plays these missions takes from 30-60 min.  I can beat the mission in about 120 seconds.  That's 2 minutes.  Blow up 3 com towers, nothing to it right?  The trick is getting in range of those towers and living long enough to destroy them!  Like most of my missions the really fun thing about these missions is that it changes depending on how the player plays the mission.

Please notice the new improved version now on the link.


Enemy Base: The towers have been changed to give an accurate win.  Blow up all 3 towers and you win the mission.  Despite the difficulty in completing this mission I did leave a method by which the player could fly in "stealth only" and win this mission in less than 5 minutes.  When you find out how to do this you will know.

Enemy Base V1.3 Has 3 artillery strikes on call.  The problem with destroying friendly units was the fence!  The fence sections are now set to RED so that when you kill them you don't get credited for killing or destroying friendly forces or buildings.

Several things did not work right in both the single and multiplayer versions of this mission. Those things are now fixed. Mission goals display when objective is met. Helicopters that didn't respond to Zone commands before now respond making the experience much more enjoyable.  The single player mission has right at twice as many enemy for your playing enjoyment. Twice as many of them to kill you.

The single player mission is far more challenging than the multiplayer version of the mission, unless you have a human pilot on the Red team then things can really be challenging for the Blue player(s).  Pity the Blue Team.  ;-)  In this ZIP file you will find all versions of the Enemy Base mission.  The objective is to destroy the enemy base communication towers.  Sounds simple enough but believe me it's not that easy to get that close to and lock onto the towers.  The single player version has more enemy units than the multiplayer version simply because the game will not allow more than 64 vehicles and people in the multiplayer version of the missions.  Single player games can have twice that many vehicles and people.  Seems reversed as to how it should be but I didn't make the game I only built these missions.  There is no time limit on this set of missions but as you play you will soon see that certain things happen under certain conditions and can make the game more difficult.  For example if you are targeted by certain enemy or if you kill certain enemy vehicles it sets other things in motion making this set of missions more realistic and more difficult.  It also makes this set of missions more fun to play over and over again.  No mater which way you go to approach the enemy base you will find different challenges in your way.  If you get good at going into the base from one direction and decide you would like to play the mission approaching the base from some other direction using different methods you will find this mission is like a brand new mission in each direction you go.

Kristy, my 13 year old daughter loves to play these missions but doesn't want me to tell her what makes the events happen as they do.  That would ruin it for her so I take it most of you don't want to know what makes the mission tick either. NOTE: Single player CoOp and Team Death Match versions are in this zip. 

Destroy the Crates

In this mission the objective is to go in and clear out all the enemy defenses so that your Blackhawk with Delta Team can come in and blow up a stack of crates filled with stolen high tech weapons.  DO NOT BLOW UP THE CRATES! Let Delta Team do it and you cover them.  If anything happens to the Blackhawk or Delta Team you loose.  You must also escort the blackhawk back to the base / FARP in order to win. This means you must stay with the blackhawk and clear the path it chooses to return to the FARP.  There are certain members of the enemy inside the base area that when you attack them it tells your Apache ground attack helicopter to come help you.  When these key vehicles inside that area are all destroyed it tells the blackhawk with Delta Team to come and blow up the crates.  If this happens to soon your blackhawk will fly into an ambush and will be destroyed and you will loose the mission.  There are two specific enemy vehicles set to ambush your helper the Apache but if you figure out which two they are you will find him very helpful in this mission, if not you will find him dead before he is much help at all.  I think you will find this very challenging to figure out how I made the missions and to discover the best way to win it.  This mission also has a multiplayer CoOp mission included.  The mission objectives are the same but there are major differences between the CoOp and single player versions of the mission.  Later I might put a clues and tips page for these missions if anyone would like that please let me know.

Rescue Delta Team

Delta Team has been shot down behind enemy lines and they need your help to rescue them.  They are pinned down in a hole behind some trees.  Shoot your way in and defend them so that another blackhawk can come rescue them.  If the blackhawk or delta team is killed you get to start over.  This one does have a time limit once you start shooting the enemy inside the basin area.  There are ground troops ready to rush in on Delta Team a short time after the battle starts.  If any enemy helicopters enter the area Delta Team is in extreme peril. 

 This mission is a kind of variation of the "Destroy the Crates" mission in the respect that it is built in the same place on the same map but the enemy units are not all the same and how they react is also different.  The trigger units however are very similar in how they call for help and for the blackhawk.  I don't know why Nova Logic doesn't want us to have enough room to describe our home made missions in so I have to do it here.  I am not sure why they disabled the other neat features of the mission builder but they did.  Perhaps if enough people ask them they will tell us now to activate those extra features especially those for campaigns.

These two missions (Destroy the Crates and Rescue Delta Team) are evolutions of certain previous missions that I may also include in this set.  They are not as hard or as advanced as these are but they are fun for beginners to practice on.

Water World


Mission 1 locate the sub is a single player stealth mission.

M2. is to recover the stolen Russian sub from the terrorists. Protect Delta Team.  MP or SP.

M3. Protect Sub while in transit.  Protect your BASE.  MP or SP.

M4. Prevent the terrorists from destroying the sub. Protect your Base.  MP or SP.

Help Delta Team capture a stolen Russian submarine and then try to keep the enemy from taking it back.

  It would be fine if I had the ability to make this into a real campaign but the mission builder provided with the game doesn't allow home users of the game to be able to make real campaigns. :-(

Snow Base

Snow Base + Scud Hunter are in this ZIP file.

These are both single and MP CoOp.  They are both stealth missions. There are no FARPs.  In Snow Base you must find and destroy the early warning radar. The communications buildings. And two scud launchers.

Also fun to watch this Snow Base mission also has a little spy helicopter that doesn't remain at a certain set of waypoints all the time but moves around depending on where the players move to.  You will see him between you and waypoint number 1 when the mission starts.  The moment you leave the area where you are he will move and go somewhere else.  The moment you near waypoint 1 he will move again. The moment you near waypoint 2 he will move again and so forth almost like he's deliberately trying to get in your way.  Of course you don't have to follow the waypoints.  The enemy base is near waypoint number 3. Go at it anyway you like and have fun.

In Scud Hunter you are in the desert. You mind locate and destroy two scud launchers.  The first one is at waypoint 8 but the moment you fire on anyone or they see you the second hidden launcher will begin to move. If it reaches it's last waypoint before you find it you loose. Of course if you get killed you also loose.  There are little "spy" helos in this mission that move around from one waypoint to another until they cover most of the map themselves. If you shoot them or if they see you they tell the hidden scud launchers to run for their life.

Both of these missions include the MIS file so if you enjoy editing missions feel free to modify them to suit yourself and add your own notation to the file.  (modified by) etc. if you intend to share them.  I have had friends play these missions over and over again and never beat either of them so far.  I can beat either mission in about 10 min. It's rare to beat the Snow Base mission without being shot at least once.


This is a set of the first three missions I ever made.  They are fairly easy to beat and great fun if you just like blowing up the enemy.  While each one is in the same area and the objectives are the same the missions range in difficulty.  If you play these and have played the Rescue Delta Team and Blow up the Crates missions you will see certain similarities. The Gauntlet missions are the predecessors of the RDT and BC missions.

River World


A set of two missions set along a river.  The first mission is a protect the base while doing a recon mission and protecting the recon team as the go behind enemy lines to observe a certain convoy of enemy and their Hinds helicopter that joins them.  This mission comes in both SP and MP versions with and without trees.  The mission with the Blackhawk you would be very wise to go stealth (NO EFRAMS) because if the enemy convoy or their Hinds sees you then you loose.  If the Blackhawk or your delta recon team are killed you loose.  If your base is destroyed you loose.  This is a smart mission and will react to the player’s choices.  If you play it the same way each time it will act similar but if you change the way you play and what you do the mission will change, the enemy will respond to your actions.  There are several enemy units in this mission that if they see you they will call for help and things will change in the mission because of them.  There are certain places you might go that will change the mission.


M2 can be SP or MP but is designed MP.  A full scale invasion is underway.  Protect your base at all cost.  You have 2 tents and a communications building.  If all 4 of these are destroyed you loose.  Destroy the north bridge and the south bridge and the two buildings near the north bridge.  Destroy all enemy units to win.  This mission is intuitive and changes depending on what you do.  If you always do the same thing the same way at the same time the outcome will be very similar.  If you do something different the mission will change, the enemy will respond differently.  Since this mission was designed as an MP mission it is very hard to beat in single player mode.  VERY challenging.




The Adventures of Megan Martin

Viper's really Cool Website also has help files and download missions.

I stay very busy with my work.  I'm a videographer and a published author.  I have video jobs and novels going at different stages all the time. I seldom get time to play a game but when I do it's usually Comanche 4 or Decent 3. I don't have time to learn how to build missions in the Decent game as it's really complicated.  But now and then I play Comanche 4 and occasionally I'll update or change to improve some of the missions I've all ready made.

If you know of any good websites that has downloadable missions for Comanche 4 I would love to hear about them.  Send me an E-mail.  Tell other Comanche 4 lovers about this website.  Thank you.

...Bryon Smith

I didn't see any downloadable missions over at Check Point Delta but they do have some other resources there for Comanche 4.