The New Project Blue Book

Inspired, and name approved, by the United States Air Force

    Project Blue Book is not a membership-subscription organization;  thus, we do not solicit membership, nor do we have magazines, etc. to mail to persons interested in UFO's.  Other than certain releases to the news media, and Government agencies, our investigations of UFO reported sightings, and our findings thereof, are not made public, and for a variety of reasons.

    Should you , or some-one you know, have a UFO sighting report to make, we would be happy to receive it, and endeavor to evaluate the report to the best of our ability.

    Thank you for your interest in Project Blue Book.



    Wm. Pitts,


Letter Mailed to UFO Conference Chairpersons.

Dear UFO Conference Chairperson:

The name of Project Blue Book should be familiar one to you, and as the Director of the new Project Blue Book, I have decided to make myself available for UFO Conferences and Symposiums.

As back-ground information, the new Project Blue Book was approved by the United States Air Force and at Pentagon levels.  As appointed Director, I sponsored the first UFO Conference with official attendance, and participation, of U.S. Government agencies - NORAD, FAA, Air Force, NASA, and intelligence gathering agencies.  During the Carter administration, I was asked to meet with his Science Advisor's office, under the guidance of Dr. Frank Press, and at NASA's headquarters.

My association in this field goes back to 1947, and was personally acquainted with some of the "names" active with Government, agencies, and investigated some earlier reported sightings.  My affiliations with these persons would read like a "Who's Who" of the classic sighting cases.  I know of some of their true beliefs about UFO's, and which, for the most part, coincide with my own - that some of the objects reported were, and still are, listed as "unknowns".

The persons attending your Conference may be interested in the real "story", that goes back to the earlier sighting reports - and the people who were actively involved in the various projects.  Actual copies of the reports taken to the Robertson Panel to the reasons I was chosen to meet with the agencies mentioned above, and others.

Anyway, if you are interested in getting back to "basics", and as an alternative to some of the material more recently being "promoted", please do not hesitate to contact me.

In any event, good luck in your present, and future, endeavors.

Very sincerely,

Bill Pitts

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In the event you have a UFO sighting to report you may report to me with E-mail
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