Hoaxes and Things 12-16-1998

    The subjects we deal with are certainly controversial and on both sides of the fence, believers and non-believers alike have their evidence to support their arguments.

    Not all that long ago someone came forth with what was said to be the best evidence ever of a real live Bigfoot.  Men riding horses rode up on the creature and shot film of it as it crossed a lowland area.  The man who shot the film said his horse nearly threw him upon seeing the creature.  Experts who have examined the footage proclaimed that it must be the real thing.  They judged the stride and movements and examined the footage with great scrutiny and could not find a single flaw in it.  Years passed and two people then stepped forward to claim they had hoaxed the entire film and gave details as to how they got together with one of their large friends, rented a gorilla suit to put him in and staged the entire hoax.   Despite this the experts who have and are still looking at the film say there's just no way that a human being without the aid of special effects computers could have produced a hoax of this magnitude. They say the stride is all wrong for a human.  The head sets to low on the shoulders for a human being, etc.   Is this footage really a hoax or was the hoax the people who claimed they produced the hoax ?

    Since the onset of the Crop Circles an investigation has been underway to discover the truth about these mysterious phenomena. One method being used to attempt to either prove or disprove quite a number of videos and films is an on going effort to see if someone else can produce a similar effect by recreating the hoax on their own.  If they can then some assume the original must also be a hoax.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but still they do it.  Some do these things in an effort to understand the truth while others do it in an effort to disprove the so called evidence.  As for the crop circles several men came forward to show their handiwork at producing man made crop circles.  As a result some people went on to proclaim that all crop circles were man made and many believed them.  The concept here is that if a person can do it then it can't be a real supernatural phenomena produced by unexplained forces or beings in the universe.

    A man came forward with video of balls of light that appeared to produce a crop circle in seconds.  Some believe the video is for real and judging by the audio on the video tape the camera person was also amazed at observing the phenomena appearing before their eyes.  Then someone having certain computer equipment attempted to reproduce the same effect with their computer and video equipment.  I saw the results and thought my children could have done a better job.  Despite their unworthy efforts and lack of shame to show such work on national TV they said the original video therefore had to be a hoax simply because they had done this on their own and claimed they had reproduced the same effect.  Once again they could not have been further from the truth.

    I'm not saying the original footage was not a hoax but what I am saying is that if the original was a hoax then it was done by someone who had better skill and better equipment do do it with.  As I understand it the camera operator had no equipment of that kind.

    The next argument against the footage was that "the camera operator didn't move the camera around enough.  It was as if they knew where the crop circle was going to appear and held their camera center stage of that area rather than following the lights that were flying around in the picture."  Ask yourself what would have have done if you were observing a strange and controversial manifestation for the first time and was trying to shoot video of it ?  Would you be thinking of every detail as the manifestation occurred ?  I'm a professional videographer myself and I think I might have even forgotten to hit the record button had I seen something like that myself.  A person's mind will do unpredictable things when they have strange experiences like this.  There are people who have had close encounters with UFO's and had a camera laying there and completely forgot about it.  Missed the entire event because they were so overwhelmed by the moment.  I know a news photographer who overheard news of a wreck on her police scanner and ran out of the house, drove to the location where the wreck was suppose to be and completely forgot her camera.  She did this over news of an accident.  Of course what she saw was anything but an accident because on that same trip she had a close up daylight sighting of the huge Triangular UFO that has been seen all over the world for quite a number of years.

    I am making two points here.  Humans can be unpredictable under certain pressure and how they run their camera may have little to do with the authenticity of the content of their video or film.  My second point is that while film and video are nice some of the very best evidence that we have on these subjects isn't on film or video.  It is the witnesses to these phenomena and the story they tell that is by far the most important.

    Another curious thing to consider is physical evidence.  People have brought forth metals they said were from a UFO crash site only to have these things examined to discover they were made from minerals that are found on the earth.  Since this type of metal is made up from earthly minerals it couldn't possibly be from a real UFO or alien flying saucer.  Scientists will tell you that the universe is vast but mostly made up of the same types of basic elements.  Did the craft this metal came from originate among the stars or was it made on earth ?  Is the metal itself really from an alien craft ?  Of course one of these metals said to have come from the original UFO crash near Roswell in 1947 was tested and said to be pure aluminum.  It is said that it is impossible to produce pure aluminum in the gravity of our world or on earth as the case may be.  The metal itself was said to have been removed from the crash wreckage of the craft by the pilot who transported it to Write Paterson AFB.  That metal was in the possession of the pilot's family for a number of years.  I have followed several leads on this mystery and even spoke with friends of the family while I was in Roswell, NM this year.  I got basically the same story from all of them.  A piece of metal was taken from the wreckage by the pilot and later ended up in the possession of the family, one of the son's of the pilot had it for a number of years and had that metal tested for content.  They said it was pure aluminum, impossible to produce on earth.  That's not to say that all the metal in the craft was made up of known metals.

    In an effort to discover the truth we must examine both sides of the mystery.  I can personally tell you that UFO's and flying saucers do exist, I have seen one up very close and there are other witnesses who saw it who will testify to this fact.  There will be a program on soon about hoaxes that you may like to view.  You will find information about the show on this link.

    Sightings Radio... http://www.sightings.com/ufo2/hoaxes.htm

UFO Update 7-21-1998

    July 3-4th I was in Roswell, NM to do a few interviews.

    I met and talked with Mr. Glenn Dennis for a few min.  He told me his story just has he has told the press, Sightings and other UFO related information investigators and TV shows.  His story has not changed for many years.  There were certain things that he told me that I have not heard mentioned on any of the TV programs that I have seen in which he was interviewed.

    Mr. Dennis was the mortician in Roswell, NM in 1947 when the alleged alien craft crashed there.

    He says.

    A nurse who was a friend of his and worked on the base happened to be on the base when the aliens were brought in.  She was evidently not on duty but when passing the door was called into the room and told her help was needed.  In the room is where she saw the strange alien being that was being inspected.  She took notes of what was being described to her until a sickening sweet odor filled the room, everyone became ill and had to leave the room.

    No autopsy was ever done on any of the beings while at Roswell, NM evidently because of everyone in the room with the bodies becoming very ill.  Thus the bodies were then transported to other locations.

    The nurse was transferred to another location the very next day and Glenn has not seen her since that time.

    Glenn said someone from the base called him asking questions about how to pack small bodies for transport.  The man called saying that he was the base mortician yet Glenn questioned the man's credentials saying that if he had been who he said he was that he would have known the answers to the questions he was asking.

    Glenn had the ambulance service in Roswell at that time and was called to the base that same day on an emergency.  An airman had an accident on a motorcycle.  While he was there he saw the back of one of the field ambulances door open and saw some kind of bent metal piece in the back.  This is when he remarked there must have been a crash.

    I also talked with Mr. Frank Koffman at his house.  In different interviews I have seen with him on TV he has told a slightly different story each time.  I am searching now for the past interviews that I have on tape to verify exactly what was said.

    Frank refused to give much details in certain areas and side stepped many of my questions with answers like the following.

    When I asked him if he believed that American's have the right to know the truth he answered.

    FK  "Well, up to a point."   "There are things that are classified to."

    We may know from this answer that he feels there are certain truths that Americans should not be told.  Exactly what they are may be anyone's guess.

    BS "what color was the craft ?"

    FK "I don't known if that would be revelant or not."  (indicating he didn't see how the color of the craft was important and as such refused to tell me.   So if it isn't important why wouldn't he tell me ?)

    He said he was one "of the nine" who had the highest security clearance there was at that time.  He said he was there at the actual crash site and saw 5 dead alien beings there.  No live ones.

    When I asked him if the location where they take the tours to the field was the actual crash location he said "well, it's not far from it."   (This is to tell us the place where people believe the craft crashed isn't the actual location.  I will give more on this later.  But from this you may suspect the place where people are being taken to see the "crash site" may not be going to the actual crash site.)  He went on to say that the government set up two alternate "crash sites" in an effort to mislead the public.  (The people who own the farm there say there never has been a crash of such a craft on their property.  In fact they say the place where they say the crash was, was inaccessible by anything but horse back at that time.)

    Frank said the beings were from 4'8" to 5'2" in height and wearing a skin tight silver suit.  He said their skin was ash colored.  They had small ears and a small nose but their eyes were similar to ours.

    Frank says that lighting is what knocked the alien craft down.  "They know that for sure."

    When I asked him about the theory that our military shot the craft down he said that no one had anything that could have shot the craft down.  A freak accident with lighting was the answer.

    He said the craft carried no fuel, that it drew it's power directly from the atmosphere as near as they could tell.

    When I asked him about the markings he said they all saw the markings but no one knew what they meant and they could not understand the writing.  He would not offer any drawings or descriptions of these things saying it was still classified.

    He said the bodies were all taken to the base hospital and from there taken to hanger 84 on the base.

That's the update for now.
If you have or know of someone who has information regarding UFO sightings, or information concerning historical sightings please contact me and tell me what you can about these events.

Thank you.
Bryon Smith