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Bryon & Kristy get ready to jump!
Kristy catches a "water dog."
At Beaver Lake, AR there's a great big smooth white rock that looms out over the water.  People love to come here and swim and jump off the top of the rock into the lake below.

The rock is only about two miles from the dam on the south side of the lake.  It's around the point from Lost Bridge and just around the corner about a mile from Starky's.

The water is about 15-20 feet deep where people jump in depending on the lake level at the time and how far the jump out into the water.

Taking a quick skin dive into the lake around the rock we learned the water is deeper right next to the rock.  In fact it's like a cave right next to the rock.  But 10-15 feet out from the rock the bottom comes up into a rock covered ridge.
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